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 The Bluebird

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PostSubject: The Bluebird   Fri May 16, 2008 12:04 pm


[A single figure, CHARLES, is sitting at a desk, facing the audience. On either side of him are two stacks of papers, and he is writing furiously. Behind him, there is a large window with the curtains drawn. A DOCTOR enters.]

DOCTOR: Charles?

CHARLES: Not now. I am busy.

DOCTOR: Yes. I can see that. Doing what.

CHARLES: Recording my familyís history.

DOCTOR [Reaching for a paper]: Recording...?

CHARLES [stopping the DOCTORíS hand]: No.

DOCTOR [catching a glance of the page heís writing on, sighing]: Charles...


DOCTOR: This isnít real. Charles? This is fantasy.

CHARLES: I told you Ďnot now.í

DOCTOR: Charles, listen to me. You are not in your secluded home in the mountains. You are in an asylum. You are a veteran of the World War, and you are suffering from some disorder. You cannot distinguish reality from your fantasies. I am telling you, you were never married, and you never had a son.

CHARLES: Please leave. Weíre not having visitors here. Now get out.

[The DOCTOR exits, as GARON enters from the opposite side of the stage. The curtains of the window open.]

GARON: Father?


GARON: Who was that?

CHARLES: Some variety of salesmen. I said I wasnít buying.

GARON: We never have visitors.

CHARLES: We never have any use for them. Thereís never a single thing they can do for us. I have no friends, and neither do you.

GARON: No wonder, we live all the way out here.

CHARLES: This home was a present for your mother, so that you would have a safe place to grow up in. Weíre safe here. Safe from all the other turmoil of the world. As Iím sure youíve read about in the books.

GARON: Yes... I have... but the books tell of many things.

CHARLES: Garon... there are alot of things in the world. Some good things, yes. But... with all the bad things you endure to get to the good things... itís not worth it.

GARON: Some of the books tell otherwise.

CHARLES: Just... just go and find something to amuse yourself. Iím busy.

[GARON exits]

CHARLES: I shouldíve been more careful which books I got for the library. Heíll start getting ideas into his head. Going off on adventures, rescuing damsels in distress... great. Iíll have fathered Don Quixote.

Everybody wants to connect
Everybody wants to change the world.

You think you can see through a perfect time
And you think you can live in your dream.
You dream about the things youíll do.
Your life, as it would seem.

But the price of being alive is your life.
Itís a price I just canít afford.
So instead of living with sorrow and strife.
Iím just free to be ignored.

Just live right here inside your head
Donít go out an live, instead
Just pretend your dead.

Stay shut away, itís one less choice youíll make
Stay away from life, itís just one less mistake
Stay alone, itís one less heart youíll break.

[CHARLES continues writing. The DOCTOR enters with two OFFICIALS]

OFFICIAL 1: Charles Walker, age 24, born in San Francisco, California, drafted into the army at age 18, year 1917. Promoted to the rank of Captain, and since the end of the war, heís been... detained here.

OFFICIAL 2: Loonies... Canít stand them. Always try to grab utensils or what-have-you.

DOCTOR: Heís in good health, physically, and heís not dangerous. Just... very confused.

OFFICIAL 1: He thinks he lives in a far-off, secluded place?

OFFICIAL 2: Thatís not completely incorrect.

DOCTOR: He is incapable of discerning his fantasies from reality. In addition, he is a compulsive writer.

OFFICIAL 2: What does he write about?

DOCTOR: Well... itís hard to explain. Heís living some sort of other life in his head...

OFFICIAL 1: What, specifically?

DOCTOR: He thinks heís some old widower who lives in the mountains, raising a son. I donít know the full extent of this... characterís history, but he doesnít seem very cheerful. Charles himself seems to be cold and short-tempered, often, when he thinks heís in this world.

OFFICIAL 2: Does he think that youíre his son?


OFFICIAL 1: Does he ever Ďrecognizeí you a specific person.

DOCTOR: No. Iím always just some intruder that he never has time for.

OFFICIAL 2: May we see these papers?

OFFICIAL 1: It might be best if we can see them, so we can better understand the nature of these... fantasies.

DOCTOR: Hereís one of them.

[The OFFICIALS take the paper, and reads aloud]

OFFICIAL 2: Garon is a bright young boy. Just as you wouldíve loved to know him. I know you would love him.

CHARLES, OFFICIAL 1: Iíve kept him safe. The outside world wonít touch him. He wonít get drawn into all the corruption of the world...

CHARLES: Just the other day, he was listening to a bluebird singing. He has quite a love for nature. Well, at least for the more beautiful aspects of nature. I donít know how heíd feel about the... harsher aspects... of death... but it is no worry. Itís something he wonít have to worry about...

Not for a while, at least. At least... he can be safe here, and live out his own life. He has everything he needs here. Of course, thatís why itís home.
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The Bluebird
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