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 Ridicules Poetry

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PostSubject: Ridicules Poetry   Mon May 19, 2008 11:21 am

Doesn't have a name actually...
Rating: G it's very clean. *sparkle sparkle*

All alone
with the stars unknown
and the frost swirling in air
I ask the moon
For the basking light
to bring the rainbows to life
I see the girl
With maiden fair hair
And the frost kissing her cheeks
I dance with her
For the stars in her eyes
And the wings sprouting out of her back
I see the rainbows
Upon her feet
The ones I could not bring out
I ask her dearest
"Are you the moon I call?"
She answers me sweetly
"I am here to take you away."
My dearest wish
To be taken by the moon
To dance on the rainbows
With the frost in my hair
And the wind whistling my tune
To dance with the moon in my arms

Panda and a rainbow... Die knight die!
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Ridicules Poetry
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