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 Kamendal: Kingdom in the Trees

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PostSubject: Kamendal: Kingdom in the Trees   Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:04 am

Though some of Kamendal looks the same as they have a theme of houses in the trees the largest city and capital Tier has an array of buildings both on the ground and suspended in the air. The only castle per say would be the large hollowed out tree that the Queen her self makes her home in. This is also at the very center. It's easy to get lost in Tier as there is bridges for thoughs less fortunate in the way of wings that span across the whole city often touching the ground and leading to dead ends. Some houses you cannot get to at all with out climbing a tree or flying up. It is not made for the humanoid but instead for it's animistic inhabitants. As a result the houses each take on different looks. Some like a simply tree house:

To the bit more extravagantly designed

Other then the large main city Kamendal there is mostly just scattering of small villages. Though there is a few more major ones. There is the town of Cidal that is located in the very edge of the mountains on the foot hills. It has much the same as Tier has in it's city.

There is also on on the very brink of spilling out of the territory. Verge is it's name and it has high tree homes with absolutely none on the ground. Even the bridges never touch the ground. This is a precaution against attackers.

Other then the three there is little else along the lines of cities. Just the scattering of small villages.

More pics:

Panda and a rainbow... Die knight die!
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Kamendal: Kingdom in the Trees
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