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 The story of old

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The light and the darkness all in one baby
The light and the darkness all in one baby

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PostSubject: The story of old   Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:54 am

Long ago in the world of Celvia one kingdom rules, the kingdom of Saliven. It was peaceful and all races were united. The king was a peaceful man well known for him kindness and understanding. The lands flourished, all fields flourished, all lakes held fish and water; everything seemed to be in its rightful place until the true came.

The true came from the sea it seemed with a fog of monsters and death. It swept across the land killing every creature in its path. The king brought his people together to fight the darkness and he went out with his troops. He would not let his people fight unless he was willing to do so as well. He came to the land that was once a winter wonderland now turned into a sea of sand and dust in the upper regain of Saliven. The fog wrapped around his army and killed them all in moments.

Saliven was in an up roar. All the creatures did not know what to do without their king and a war broke out. The animalistic creatures saw that they were more worthy of leading because they thought they were more in tuned with nature, the darker creatures thought they could drive the darkness away because they were of the darkness, and the more human like thought they could rule because of the great reign of the prior king. None of them wanted to fight as one any longer.

The fog swept along watching the fight and seemed to swallow the self pity and anger like a fine wine. It sipped the anguish and pain and grew stronger. It would seem that nothing any creature did could save them until a group to friends cried out to the gods.

The group was filled with creatures of all races yet it was small and not enough to make a difference with the war between races. They sought the gods without anyone else’s knowledge. The gods took pity on the travelers as they near the island of the Dragons and sent out a group of golden dragons to bring then onto the island.

The golden dragons are a rare and god blessed breed. They were known for their wisdom and power. The gods gave them the knowledge to help the world and they told the travelers how to disperse the fog. Six items had to be forged by the dragons and gods but the travels had to get them the items that would create the treasures. It took three years and many deaths until only one human boy brought back the things that gods asked.

With the fire and power the gods created a ring of sorrow, the staff of truth, the red gem of love, the black skull of death, the silk shawl of treachery, and the cup of prosperity. The young boy was told that he would die if he completed the quest and he took the items out to sea on his small boat. He did everything the gods told him to be with the items and the fog wrapped around his ship.

The fog beat the boat with large waves and tossed the boy back and forth. His mind still wrapped with fear of his impending death but he wanted the world to be safe. He finished the ceremony and the fog was forced into his body. The boy crawled on the floor of the boat. His eyes wide from fear as the fog ate at his soul and he took the cup and drank the poison he was given. He died and took the fog with him.

The world was told of the boy and the items that were now spend across the land hidden. Each item holding the power to destroy or give life. A power to great for anyone to hold. The nations split into three and have been for more than five hundred years. All of the nations still fight for more territory. A rumor has been spreading that all of the nations have begun a search for the treasures to gain power of the other but unknownst to them a darkness is coming. Worse than the fog. Will the nations unite, will any nation fall, and/or will the darkness swallow them?
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PostSubject: Re: The story of old   Wed May 12, 2010 11:33 pm

Good job! I like it! Carry on!
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The story of old
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