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 Bella Luna: The Kingom of old

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The light and the darkness all in one baby
The light and the darkness all in one baby

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PostSubject: Bella Luna: The Kingom of old   Tue Aug 26, 2008 5:29 am

Capital= Luna
Territory= Bella Luna
Ruler= Princess Layla

Luna the capital of Bella luna. The place where the so to be queen lives. As of late the city has begun to shine over the filth that use to run wild. The princess took over and made changes her father never wanted to see. She mad sure the people came first and she wanted it that way. The winter snow seemed to grace the land more than seven months out of the year but most learn to live in the colder weather.If you look out the place windows you can see the small homes and inns that surround that castle. Near the edge of the town there are large buildings made out of glass. Inside are plants and crops for the village. Green houses were a normal thing in each town. They were one thing that made life easier in the coldness.

The castle is large. Grand it was once the castle that held the ruler of Celvia but when the fog came and he passed it still remained. The king of Bella Luna moved into it and ruled with a iron fist. He was mean yet his insanity brought fourth many useful tools including the greenhouses. He did not live long before he tossed himself off the top balcony of the castle in Luna. He fell to his death with plans for a flying machine and metal wings on his back. The fool.

Luna in the spring

Ossa is a large city that was built into the mountains in the Land of Ossosta on the black mountains. It once to be the home of the dwarfs before the went under ground into the mountain. The small building s had to be raise for the larger humans to live in yet some of the smaller folk left the buildings be and lived in the like the little men and woman did.

Near the lake Birconshi a small town lives in never ending snow. the homes are build like little castles so the the snow does not lay on the roofs and cause caveins. They went through more than half a dozen homes and a few expendable people a while back.

This wall runs the entire line between Bella Luna and Alasantres so no one can sneak over unknown. There is a guard about every twenty feet at all times.

The home of the elves. IN the deepest part of the forest that lie in BElla Luna you can find these tree homes. The magical elves tend to hide them so well most visitors get lost or never find the villages.

Little towns like this are all over Bella Luna.

Aljiba is a harbor town that holds the darkest of Bella Luna.Dark elves, rouges, thieves and more lurk in the port with witty words and evil grins. Be careful because pirates love a good time but you might like what they think is so fun.

Savlora is another port in south Luna. It is a trading port which makes it very busy. Half of the town is on the end of a cliff some say that if you look down you will fall in. Of course there are a few kids that would push you if for less.

Khan is a sea village in North Luna. Its lovely during any season because of the hot springs that are around it. This maybe one of the only places not touched by ice
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Bella Luna: The Kingom of old
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