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 Alasantres: Kingdom Of Eternal Death

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PostSubject: Alasantres: Kingdom Of Eternal Death   Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:15 am

Alasantres: Kingdom of Eternal Death

The History

Territory: Alasantres {Al-uh-sahn-trayce}
Capital: Nostra {Noh-struh}
King: Tor Vorigan

When beings first began to inhabit the once lush land of Alasantres, it was a wild and unruly place. All the creatures that sought refuge on this land were hostile at best, and murderous in most cases. They were unmanageable, and were in desperate need of a guiding force, despite how many of them would refuse to be led. Because the civilians of this territory were so frightening in their madness, it took a brave, or perhaps just power-hungry, soul to step forth and state themselves as rightful leader. Deciphus the Prophet was this brave--or greedy--soul. The elderly vampire seemed to be the perfect being to do so, however, considering how he struck fear into most everyone's heart. The reason this fear was so evident in all that laid eyes on him was the simple fact that he was physically and literally the oldest vampire in the land. Not to mention, he was the only vampire with imperfections.

In his mortal life--though it cannot be guessed how very long ago he'd been mortal--Deciphus had recieved a wound that blinded him in one eye, and, upon ascending into vampirism, this wound somehow weathered the changes and was not healed. However, Deciphus wielded this oddity to his advantage, and claimed that he could see all with this blind eye, that he could see into a different realm. Most didn't question him either, seeing as how such mortal imperfections had never transcended from one life to the next. This abnormal occurence frightened many into submission. Using this "power" he intimidated his way to the top and remained king of Alasantres for at least a dozen centuries.

Until Tor Vorigan had his first taste for power and sought to make it his own. Little is known as to how Tor wrestled the reigns from Deciphus's wrinkled, old hands, but it is perhaps this mystery that make all in the land of Alasantres as obedient to him as they were to Deciphus. All that is known is that, one night, when the moon was coated with red, Tor Vorigan strode into the castle and came back out not long after with Deciphus's head. No one has questioned Vorigan's strength, power, or special abilities since then, seeing as how no one really wants to know what this vampire can do, because the only ones that find out are not long after found dead.

Obviously, after years of being ruled over by blood-thirsty tyrants, the murdering and the rampages have taken their tolls on the land of Alasantres. Once beautiful and lush, the territory is now a wasteland after being trodden on by wars, fires, and madness. Most of the inhabitants care very little of the change, and many have not even noticed what differences have occured. Because, you see, the crazed eyes of all those living inside the boundaries of Alasantres know nothing of beauty and everything of greed.

Castle Of Tor Vorigan in the Heart of Alasantres

Reknowned by name as the Castle of Desiphus, this ancient spectacle has stood in the land of Alasantres for many, many centuries. Situated atop perhaps the only cliff in the mostly flat terrain of Alasantres, the Castle of Desiphus is home to Tor Vorigan, the king of all of Alasantres. It harbors dozens of secret passageways, one very frighteningly large dungeon, and many, many rooms to house as many guests as needed. The castle was once the property of Desiphus, the self-acclaimed prophet and first ruler of Alasantres. However, his rule was short-lived when Tor decapitated him in order to take his place. Still, Desiphus's name has lived on as the title of the castle. Despite how illy this bodes with its new master.

Alasantres: The Wasteland

After years of misuse, the once lush terrain of Alasantres has become a wasteland. What trees still stubbornly protrude from the ground are dead, and there is often times a gloomy, death ridden fog lying low to the dirt so that all the forms walking this dead terrain are shrouded in thick, grey mist. It is a disheartening and dreary place, and none but the heartless can bare to tread here.

Typical Alasantres Home

The homes located in Alasantres are dotted sporadically around the territory, none too close to one another as most of the inhabitants prefer privacy and abhor the thought of neighbors. According to their class and rank in society, the homes can range to more extravagant to less appealing. Not everyone chooses to live in a home as some construct their homes out of nature, but it is most typical to find inhabitants lurking in these homes so that they can conduct their business in private.
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Alasantres: Kingdom Of Eternal Death
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