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 The adventure for the Shawl of Treachery

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The light and the darkness all in one baby
The light and the darkness all in one baby

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PostSubject: The adventure for the Shawl of Treachery   Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:40 am

Princess Layla walks into the room. Her long flowing white dress slips across the marble floor of the throne room as she nears her throne. Her crown glistens lightly in the suns glow from the windows in the camber. She turns to the small group and smiles softly.

"Birconshi Lake the resort for the weary and rich. Even in the cold weather the people still enjoy the hot springs and lake.The lake is heated by underground hot springs making the water a nice eighty degrees, while the air above is about twenty. The air is clean and fresh perfect for any sickness or to just clean out the mind. Many hike, ski, or just play in the snow before huddling up in one of the lodges. Well that was until a dark shadow lowered over the lake." Layla takes a deep breath and looked out the window with a worried look upon her face.

" As of late something has become terribly wrong. It started out as a theft here and there until the first murder happened. The kindness of people seemed to change over night." her hand raised up and a prisoner was brought in." As you see this woman before you." The woman looked at the group and then the the princess . her eyes looked wild and filled with fear. She broke out in sobs.

" She killed her husband. Someone she had been with since she was sixteen. she is now sixty." Layla waved again and the woman was taken away." When we found her she was picking her own house of its treasures and getting ready to leave. Once she was brought here she did not remember anything she had done. We had to let her know the bad news. I need you all to find out what is wrong with my kingdom. I fear that its going to spread here." Layla walked towards the group and sighed," We cannot afford that in this time. I have a few men there awaiting your arrival with more information. Seek the inn keeper and once your group is there. That is all." Layla walked to a door next to the throne and vanished.

Dungeon map.

* = Locked
l = Door

(( Please make note in ooc of which room you are in so that everyone can keep up))

Rooms info

1 The door is bolted shut. It seems to have a symblo of a sun on it. I wonder if that has something to do with opening the door?

2 Once a kicten a few things lay scattered along the cobble stone floor. Are those bones over there? ITEMS: Wooden spoon, iron pot,butcher knife, and some old jars.

3 sleeping quaters. Beds lay out before our. dust on the moth eaten sheets and blankets. Why not take a rest? ITEMS: underwear,blanket, and well the beds.

4 shivers- Its the jail. Full of bones and chains. But wait it looks like someone had just been in here from the wet foot prints on the floor... and what ever it was is not human. ITEMS: Chains

5 rooms. I wonder what they were used for. Maybe storage. ITEMS: Lance, books, sun charm, and rope

6 A few pieces of gold litter the floor and a dark hole in the wall will you step closer to grab for the treasure?

7 The strairs up to the room have fallen half way off and into the lake. The water splashes up over the broke rock and into the hall and room. The room its self is littered with junk. ITEMS: drift wood, gold, shells, crates.

8 A dinning hall. What why would a dinning hall be this far form the kitchen... O well. Is that blood on the wall? ITEMS: Table, chairs, sword, axe, plate

9 nothing but storage again.Well you hope and think

10 A lever on the wall signs either death or life? That weird were did you read that. O over there on the wall next to the big lever. I thought about pulling it but death scares me..... ITEMS Barrels, Boxes, Lever.

11 Well well this is the end the big bang. You have to find all the trick levers and buttons to make this place open. It also contains the shawl. So I hope the group is smart and not filled with town fools. Be hanged with thy foolishness and die with a grin on ye face for you know nothing of your death but the pun intended. ITEMS: not telling.
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The light and the darkness all in one baby
The light and the darkness all in one baby

Number of posts : 130
Age : 32
Location : In my own little world
Registration date : 2008-03-11

PostSubject: Re: The adventure for the Shawl of Treachery   Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:47 am

Layla sighed as she entered her room. It was warm and yet her skin felt like it was ice cold. Her mind was in such deep thought that when a dark figure appeared she did take notice. Slowly she lowered her gazed from the ceiling to the floor and flopped over onto her bed. Her chest rose slowly almost as if she were asleep. The man slowly came out of the shadow and Layla spoke softly," Blaine why do you always show up when I need you?" She lifted herself up onto her elbows and smiled at the jester.

The jester dress in black and white walked over with a soft smile on his face. He knelt next to the foot of her bed and bowed his head," I come when I feel that you could use my jest the most your majesty."

Slowly Layla sat up and looked down at Blaine. She smiled and took his hat from his head letting the bells jingle softly as she sat it next to her on the bed. " You always know don't you." She cooed as she rolled her hand through his soft dark hair. Blaine let out a sigh but did not move. He knelt still looking at the floor yet his heart wanted to jump out of his chest.

" Look at me jester," Lalya pleaded. She wanted to drowned in his dark eyes and forget her troubles. Blaine looked up at her slowly and met her gaze. Something flickered in his eyes. Passion, love, lust, maybe all of them. Layla swooned and came down into his lap in the floor.

Blaine sighed as her body touched his, she was so young and fragile. He pressed her back into the end of the bed and then stood up with her in his arms. " You are to kind to allow such a man to touch your soft flesh," He walked her over to the bed and laid her upon the satin red sheets. He rolled into the bed next to her and wrapped his large arms around ehr small figure.

Layla sighed and closed her eyes. The smell of him rushed around her like a perfume. He smelled like the forest after the rain. " Your to kind to love one such as me." She whispers across his chest. Blaine shivered and pulled her up to look at him.

" i do love you so much Layla," He whispered as he placed a very chaste kiss upon her lips smearing his black makeup upon her plump pink lips.

Layla groaned in response and tossed her leg around his waist to pull him into her but there was a knock at the door. Layla tossed her head to look at the door with anger and rage. how would dare bother her right now she hissed in her mind.

The door swung open and one of her faithful adviors stormed in." Princess." he snarled and looked at Blaine like her was nothing more than a festering boil that he wanted to pop." What are you doing with him again. You know you can not be with him!" The man stopped at the edge of the bed and slammed his fist into the sheets.

Layla sprung out of the bed before Blaine could do anything but sit up. She closed the distance between her advisor in moment and smacked him across the face," You have no right to come in my room." She spat as the man glared at her," Now tell me what you want before I get more upset. I was spending time with a dear friend nothing more understand." She rubbed the black off her face and the man backed away as she slid to the floor.

Blaine cocked his eyes brow and then grinned. She was a powerful human. More than he could ever want in a woman. He had left her side for a time but being back near her made him realized how much her lover her softness, the way she could break if he was to rough, the way he was able to protect her, but she could also be as dangerous as any demon.

"The group is ready to set out and your horse os ready for the journey. I do not find it wise that you are going on this hunt. Its hurrid to think of your well being put into danger over.."

" Over what?" Layla snapped," For my people? Why would you care other than if I stay all nice and alvie you keep you position without a fight. Get out of my room and do not darken its light again or else." Layla watched him walk out of the room and began to cry.

Slowly Blaine stood up and walked over to her," I know its hard being the queen but you are a great one." He kissed the top of her head and hugged her into his chest." You know no one else knows about us and one day you will have to take a husband." Layla started to protest but Blaine continued," I will always love you and be your jester but I could never take on the title of king. I am not of noble birth."

Layla sighed and looked up at the man she loved. His dark make up hide the lovely tan skin she knew was there. He was her heart and her soul but he was right, for now.

Layla walked out amongst the crowd(( all the charries that will be in this adventure that were in the hall when she spoke)) Her Head was held high as her jester limped around telling jokes to the crowd. He looked like a hunchback some of the time and then others he was flipping and juggling. He was the star of this show not her.

A white mare whinnied as Layla walked over to her. She was the purest white only for royalty well until Layla had them breed for all the kingdom since they were great work horses. Slowly Layla swung her leg onto the saddle and looked out among the group," Lets ride."

It took the over a week to reach the town they were going to be staying. Layla with the rest of the group were to be lodged at a cabin near the lake. Slowly the group enters the town either on horse back or on foot.
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PostSubject: Re: The adventure for the Shawl of Treachery   Tue Sep 30, 2008 12:10 pm

Reus was atop an extremely ugly horse. It's face seemed to be sunken and almost misshapen in a way. It was stocky and short with a bristle of main hair that never seemed to grow. Despite the appearance the horse was a stronge and smart witted battle horse. Reus followed after the Queen keeping in the middle of the throng so as not to draw attention to her self. Her face was covered under a dark hood. Drawn over her face.

She was not evil but dermaglyphs dark and synyster etched there way all over her. Her entire body coated in the intricate changing markings. Perhaps she had been beautiful once as underneath it you could see patches of pale white skin. Her eyes a sky blue that now seemed full of rain. Her hair was long but braided to her waist in long twisting spun gold. Having a pack with her.

Her reason for joining? Simple. She was bound to it. Treachery had plagued her. First with her mother willingly giving her over to the vampires. Then as she grew she had had nothing and she hated the face she had. Hated the beauty that plagued her. Eventually that was stripped of her by an extremely painful tattooing of every part of her milky white skin.

Reus would go and hope that nothing else befall her. Hitching her horse to a post as they arrived in the town. She finally lifted her hood. The dermaglyphs scrolled smoothly over her skin in black and blue. A soft woody brown and warm mud combined with a tint of sparkling green. Not exactly know how she should feel. Placing her hood over her head as she saw exactly what she was looking for.

An inn by the name of "Blue Moon". Walked across the hard packed ground she opened the door to the hustle and stink of travelers and the local drinkers and gossipers. Ignoring them she found the owner. Placing a coin in her hand she was paced a key. Thing about Reus was that she couldn't speak. Well she could but her voice had been lost long ago. She copied peoples voices.

One opening of her mouth and she would speak how they spoke. She could even remember peoples voices and switch around to them. New voices she had no control over though. She opened her mouth and out came there voice. It startled most except of course when she met them again. She had a different voice and sounded normal.

Though it had been a bit of an embarrassment to steal a males voice. Especially if they had been interested so instead she kept her mouth shut. Taking the key she mounted the stairs. Opening her room she tossed her bag on to the bed. It hit with a thump. Sighing she leaned against the door for a moment. Reus knew she couldn't just hole up in this room forever so she opened the door once more and went back down to the hustle and bustle.

When she removed her hood as she sat in the back corner she collected the stares like honey. It was horrid but she ignored it. Instead wrapping her fingers around the cup of tea to ease out the aches of riding.

Panda and a rainbow... Die knight die!
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PostSubject: Re: The adventure for the Shawl of Treachery   Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:01 pm

Bryant was already dutifully waiting when Layla straddled her horse and galloped off. He instantly kicked his own horse into motion to follow quickly after her, keeping a close yet respectful distance. He didn’t know the fine details of this little trip, but that wasn’t exactly his job.

His job was to protect the princess at all costs. He didn’t ask questions, nor did he wonder over them. He was trained to only have one thing in mind at all times, and that was Layla’s safety. He was so dedicated to this job that he’d been the one assigned to follow her today.

He was young and ambitious and dedicated, and his peers had respected that and paid him a great honor by entrusting him with Layla’s security. He was fairly confident that he could handle this responsibility as well. He’d fought enough demon and vampire scum to have a decent handling on combat, and he wasn’t, at the time, worried about how he’d fair during this expedition.

Bryant rode quietly behind Layla, completely comfortable with the rhythm of the horse’s gallop beneath him, as well as the steady clanking noise of his armor knocking together because of the bouncy, fast-paced ride. He didn’t feel weighed down or uncomfortable. The armor felt like his second skin, and the horse could have very well been a part of his own body for as little as it bothered him.

Still, despite his relaxed demeanor, Bryant kept his eyes and ears alerted, and he traveled silently with the group without being an incredibly noticing presence all the way until they reached the inn.

When Layla’s horse finally slowed to a stop, Bryant was one of the first to slide from his saddle, and, with four or five long strides, he came upon Layla’s horse. Almost mechanically, he lifted his hand to help her off of her horse, as was expected of him.

He waited patiently for her to accept his hand, and only spared one quick glance to her face before looking away, feeling it would be rude to stare.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen her face a million times before anyway. His whole life had been dedicated to protecting hers. He’d memorized every contour of her lovely face and slender physique, charting out every scar, birthmark, and recognizable characteristic. In one sense, he lived, breathed, and existed by her. Not like a lover, but like a guardian angel of sorts. His presence depended on hers.

It was a little disconcerting to have his life tied so intricately with somone else’s that he hardly knew, but he’d grown accustomed to it, and it hardly phased him anymore.

Finally, her hand slid into his, and Bryant carefully helped her to the ground. Though he was sure she was capable of this feat alone, as she’d never struck him as weak, he wasn’t going to risk being reprimanded for disobeying technique.

Nodding his head toward her, he gestured for her to lead the way. “After you, milady.”

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PostSubject: Re: The adventure for the Shawl of Treachery   

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The adventure for the Shawl of Treachery
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