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 Solo post: Coya

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PostSubject: Solo post: Coya   Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:15 am

((OOC: this is the place where I would simply post by myself, correct? .__. Well, if this is true, consider this a finding. If you liked Coya's history...these are the parts that are left out.

The setting: Old Ireland, 100 years ago. ))

Part One: Inside the Trench
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Number of posts : 18
Registration date : 2008-08-22

PostSubject: Re: Solo post: Coya   Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:31 pm

Inside the trench:

Wavorly swallowed hard between fits of panting, as did the rest of the survivors. Up above the surface, coming in muffled through the tunnel that separated the four from certain death, the little foxes could hear cries and screams, high pitched barks and yelps. Ingrid huddled in the far corner of the cramped den, whimpering loudly while Phillis licked her snout in a caring attempt to calm her fears.

" Ell be a'right, In-grid." The old male fox whispered in a deep accent, " Ye see? I think I cen heer a cease of battle? Soon we will be safe.."

Ingrid nodded and closed her eyes, and Phillis shot a look of despair to Wavorly. Wavorly looked long and hard at the wise, old fox, then turned his glance to a slinder red fox. Coya received his look, drinking it in slowly like a hot beverage, then tore her amber eyes back to study the blackness that was the tunnel leading to the surface. Coya half expected something to crawl out of that black mass and grab her unexpedly, dragging her out to a gruesome death. She stood straight and tall, unmoving though the screams were bloodcurdling and the sounds were enough to make one vomit. Coya knew that they were sitting ducks, and by the look shared by the male leaders, they knew it too. It was merely a matter of time before one of the traitorous humans tossed a pot of oil lit with fire to burn them up alive, or perhaps even poured scalding water and drowned them. It was only a matter of time before they, too, befell a gruesome death.

Where the people came from, Coya was sure. They were the local village people she had grown up with all her life. They were the merchants and doctors, and even companions of many foxes. As to why they were now killing off her kin like they were infected rodents, she did not know. Under Kiba and her leadership, the humans had no reason to become hostile. In fact, Coya had just established a new and more efficient trade with the humans. The whole situation baffled her, and made her sick to her stomach.

Though, what made the seemingly unnerved leader even more sick was the fact that Kiba was still out there, somewhere. Her dearly beloved has made his way into town about three hours before the raid. He refused her when she offered to come, which was odd, but she obeyed him out of her deep devotion. Now, she was alone, in a death trap, trying to figure out what to do. Though Coya was young, what she lacked in age she made up for in wisdom and in vigor. They would plan their escape. As another shriek pierced the night, making poor Ingrid’s whistling whine ever louder, Coya turned to face the group. Her expression hard, and her eyes dark.

” We cannot stay here much longer. We will wait for the ones above to quiet down, then we will leave this pit of hell. “

Wavorly nodded and walked close to Coya, a gruff mumble was birthed close to her ear,

" Coya...This is all too weird. Why would the humans attack us? There is something going on behind all of this....Coya, I think.."

Wavorly opened his mouth to speak, but Coya cut him off with a sharp growl. She knew what he was going to hint at, but it was not true. It could not be true.

" Enough, Wavorly. An advisor you may be, but for are just one of the living among the dead."
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Solo post: Coya
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