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 random rp for everyone

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The light and the darkness all in one baby
The light and the darkness all in one baby

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PostSubject: random rp for everyone   Fri Oct 31, 2008 7:59 am

In the desolate streets of London in the mid eighteenth century a plague began to run wild. Most called it the black plague caused the rats the filled the dank streets. I seemed the people that got to close to other certain people became the next victims of the sickness. The police did their best to hid the truth from everyone by burning the bodies. The evidence of the blood less corpses.

The chief of police a kind mannered man with the will to do only good was stuck between the king telling him to hide the bodies and his heart that said that London was in trouble. Only god could tell if anyone would help bring the truth to reality, out shine the darkness by light, hold the kings head in a nose and kick the stood from out beneath him.

Slowly the tall lean man walked past the whores on the street corner. A red hair woman with atop three times to small of her large beast flopped over to him." Govern want to spare a dime to tickle you fancy?" She moaned ass she brushed her chest against his long black coat. The man looked at her and smiled," Not today Demona I am under cover go back to your side of the muck."

Demona looked at the soft lines on the mans older face and smiled," Not tonight then," She huffed and leaned in close to his ear," Your keep and eye out on my girl's Blaine they need the safety in these times." Blaine nodded and walked away form the pouting woman.

IN fact the woman was the leader of the whores, well more like mother. She took care of them watched them in the darkness, killed for them if needed. She was a kind woman to Blaine she had always taken good care of her girl's and Blaine was happy about that because they need it. If they did not have her alot more of them would be dead on the streets.

Blaine turned and looked over his shoulder it felt like he was being followed. What was with him tonight. Blaine shook his head softly his dark brown hair fell into his eyes but it did not stop him from seeing a girl being drug into the alley. Blaine's heart began to race. It was a murder or a rape. Something to take his mind off the bloodless bodies that littered his streets.

Quickly Blaine pulled out his trusty revolver. He was going to shot with out asking if fool play was afoot. Blaine took off after the girl's screams and dove into the alley trigger back and ready to fly. " stop!" Blaine yelled at the silhouette of a man pinning the poor girl to a wall.

The man looked over his shoulder at Blaine and smiled a bloody grin." Why," he cooed and turned back to his victim. Blaine raced towards him with determination in his dark eyes. He was not going to let another life be taken. " Stop!"

The creature turned around and dropped the corpse of the young girl to the dirty street." Fine." He grinned and blood slipped down his chin." I am finished."

Blaine saw the blood and feared the worst," Bastard!" He unloaded his revolver but the man seemed to move faster than the bullets. Blaine almost stopped but instead the man smashed into him sending him flying into a brick wall. Blaine grunted as he slid to the ground.

" You will see me again," The man winked and vanished leaving Blaine and the body to the dark alley.
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PostSubject: Re: random rp for everyone   Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:10 am

Clarissa, or better known as Rue, had been called by the noise. Like some phantom thirsting for what should be hers. Well she certainly fit the title.

Long white hair with pale pale skin. Her eyes a stunning red like blood. Well of course they would look like blood as it was the blood vessels in her eyes that made them red. She was albino in every sense of the word but sometimes looked much more like a creature ready to drink blood.

Twirling her black umbrella she walked in to the alley. Not fearing the dark but embracing it. Her expensive shoes clicking against the pavement. She wasn't the type of lady to be treading in to a dark alley.

With a small petite build and nothing but an umbrella propped on her shoulder to keep from burning she looked much more suited to be in a ball or greeting the king.

"Sir, laying on the ground isn't going to help anyone," Even with her words her voice was polite as if telling him the time of day instead of finding him in an alley next to another bloodless, "If I catch the plague I'll be sure to blame you and add a little of you in my will."

She twirled her umbrella again but settled down to kneel beside him her red eyes looked in to his and there seemed to be something serious there. Almost asking, 'Did you do it?' Or perhaps her own question, 'Will it be you?'

"My names Rue if you care to hear," Rue seemed bored with her own name. As if it wasn't so wildly popular that people either kissed her hands or throw tomatoes at her on every corner. Tomatoes just brought out her eyes she always joked which always threw them for a loop. Not the kind of thing you would think to be thanked about.

Panda and a rainbow... Die knight die!
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PostSubject: Re: random rp for everyone   Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:21 am

A young man sat at the desk in a nearby library, stamping the books as people brought them up to him to check out. He was a tall, thin man, frail-looking, almost anemic in appearance. His skin seemed almost pale, but that was no surprise, as he never seemed to leave the library. He had hazel blue eyes behind a pair of round-rimmed spectacles that he wore.

After a while, people stopped bringing up books to check out, and so he took the cart of returned books and began making rounds through the library to put the books back on the shelf.

"Wait, Algernon, not that one." A young woman said. She was a pretty young lady. Raven hair and blue eyes.

"What, this one?" Algernon asked, in a quiet, timid voice, looking at the book. John Milton's 'Paradise Lost.'

"Yes. I want to read that one."



"Okay, then. Here you go." he said, handing it to her. He didn't particularly like being interrupted like this, but oh well. He just went on his way. He pushed the cart out of that aisle, as he'd finished there, and moved on.

He was worried about that girl. Something might happen to her. They might do something...

Then he stopped. There was a patch of sunlight on the floor, coming from the window. He looked around. No one else nearby. So, he moved the cart around the sunlight and continued as normal. He couldn't be in the sun. He was one of them.

After about a half-hour, he returned to the desk, returning to stamping and recieving books. Like he always did. The hours always dragged on and on with him. But at least it was comfortable, if predictable.
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PostSubject: Re: random rp for everyone   Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:22 pm

Amy sighed, recrossed her ankles under the table, and lifted a hand to gently push her black-rimmed glasses back up onto her nose. They had been slowly sliding downward as she'd become increasingly memorized by the book she was reading and had, unknowingly, been ducking down closer to her book. As if her nose touching the pages would magically transform her into a character.

Ridiculous, but she had to have some form of amusement in a time of relative despair. Everywhere she went there was nothing to be found but death, misery, and despair. She'd sought refuge in the library in hopes that she could hide from this horrible mix of depression, and had fitfully lost herself in a book for the last several hours as a means of escape.

She glanced up once, briefly, as the librarian pushed a cart of books past, but she returned her gaze back to her book almost immediately, forgetting the disturbance and reading on.

Though, while her eyes read the words, her mind wondered idly about the man that had just walked past. He seemed harmless enough, though some sort of secret part of Amy's mind tried to convince her otherwise.

Ridiculous again. She was simply far too consumed by the fantasy of books.

Sighing for the second time, the black haired, blue eyed mortal refocused on her book.

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PostSubject: Re: random rp for everyone   

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random rp for everyone
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