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 Hey everyone, mind if I join?

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PostSubject: Hey everyone, mind if I join?   Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:41 am

Hello Celvia, I've decided to join your ranks! I was referred by HFCP, my friend in real life, and she suggested that I join in.

Now for my enthralling intro:

My name is Sierra (go figure), but i'd prefer being called Cairo. I am 15, a sophomore in high school, and I'm addicted to anything fantastic or artistic. I draw, sing, play piano, guitar, and clarinet, I role-play when they are good (none of the crap that noobs will put out, no offense to anyone, its just very annoying to see a role play started with only "Mina walked to the mall." personal angst...), and i love aminals. Yes, aminals, i spell things wrong correctly, thank you!

I'm a little spazztastic at times, so if I come up with some seemimgly rude and random reply just remember that I WILL plead insanity at any court hearing! Shocked I'm going through some really trying times in my life at the moment, so my character(s) will probably reflect some of my depression, don't be alarmed.

So, now for the good stuff! I'm just going to post a character so you can all see what I'm made of. I've already made some characters that I can shape into the site, but I'm only going to start out with one or two.

NAME: Cairo
GENDER: Female
AGE: 23 (If that's too young or old, just tell me. Her age doesn't really affect her personality)
RACE: Angel

LOOKS: Cairo is 5'4'' tall, with waist-length black hair that highlights metallic grey in the light. Her face is rather serious, with high cheekbones and a gracefully curving mouth, but when she smiles the gesture never quite reaches her pale silver eyes and thick lashes that hide her thoughts from the rest of the world. She usually dresses in a black lace-up corset with long sleeves that fit to her seemingly delicate arms. Under her thick, black, layered skirt she wears black pants and hidden belts lined with daggers, just in case a fight rolls around. Her wings are 13 feet across when spread, and they resemble those of a slightly faded Snowy Owl, the light speckles making her wings look rippled and layered.

PERSONALITY: She is a good person to have around in a fix, but she has a faraway demeanor that makes most people a little wary of her. She does not think herself above any other race and accepts friends when they are true. Once you glimpse into her casual self she is a true angel, born for flight and extremely loyal and trustworthy. She dislikes unfairness and snobbery and has a good head on her shoulders. She is somewhat a strategist, able to figure things out to work to her advantage in a fight, which has saved her life many times. Being a deep thinker, she will debate with anyone over anything, and has very solid views about life.

PAST: She grew up in a small "coven" of other angels who had sworn to live their lives without violence. They were the "Amish" of the Angel race, you could say. When Cairo was only 7 years old a gang of hostile bandits raided the weaponless town, killing her parents and most of the people she had lived with her entire life. She saw her mother die before her very eyes as she wept over the body of her slain Bondmate, who had tried to get his family to safety. The man who killed her parents failed to notice her hidden among the hanging rugs that her family had so skillfully woven. She abhorred the death of her parents and it turned her tough and bitter. She vowed to hunt the bandits one by one until her family was avenged, and taught her self to fight with any blade she could get her hands on. She grew adept and swordplay and assassination, and as the years wore on she became a mercenary of the highest caliber, killing every one of the bandits until they all laid dead at her feet. Now, her vow fulfilled, she is a bit of a rogue, wandering wherever the wind takes her (literally) and still living as a mercenary...

SKILLS: Blademaster, Wing Concealing, Regeneration

Whew, that only took a forever... So, that's me, not much more to says about that. cyclops

Woah, I didn't know I wrote that much! Sorreess...
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PostSubject: Re: Hey everyone, mind if I join?   Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:49 am

aminals I SO remember that lol

You did write a lot lol. Tis okay ^^

Panda and a rainbow... Die knight die!
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Hey everyone, mind if I join?
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