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 A dream that could never be

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The light and the darkness all in one baby
The light and the darkness all in one baby

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PostSubject: A dream that could never be   Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:42 am

Title A dream that could never be
Your Name Aisha
Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R) Pg-13 to R because there will be violence and I do refer to sexual moment but nothing in depth.

In the mountains
far away a small town lay. A storm rolled along the mountain pass. The sky darkened and the wind began to blow. The scent of the water that filled the large black clouds filled the air. Thunder roar and then the lighting came; it lit up the entire sky in a flash of glory.

A young woman stood in the middle of a wheat field. Her black hair flowed around her figure as the wind whipped around her. Her long white red dress flowed around her as she walked the field as she lightly brushed her fingers over the wheat. She sang softy to herself a song that once was long and forgotten. To most she would have looked like a angel fallen to the earth.

He eyes were golden in color, a color they would never be if she were human. She was not human not anymore. She had died years ago but in everything, she was still alive. She needed not to breath but she did. She was a vampire. Fully and completely a vampire. She drank blood and killed to live but her heart ached every time she did. She only feed on the bad but she was once human.

Demona licked her full lips and looked upon a man. He was a singer to her but he was also something more. They first time they met was in this field. She had been walking bare foot and half nude. Her mind was wrapped in fear and doubt. She had finally gotten away from Rais, her tormentor. The man had pulled her into his arms and tried to give her water but she could not drink that. His blood rolled over her senses and she almost bit in to him but she stopped. He was so kind.

He was tall maybe six foot two, long dark hair, a perfect face, with dark brown eyes, and his smile seemed to brighten her day. His name was Blane. She never asked his last name she knew it would only lead to heartbreak.

In the field he walked to her with a smile upon his face. “ Demona,” He waved over his head and began to jog towards her. His hair flowed around his shoulders as he picked her up into his large arm and spun her around. Demona giggled and looked in his eyes,” Put me down Blane.” She kissed his lips as he let her slid down his body.

Slowly the rain began to pour down around them. The water washed away the dust in the air and cleaned them of all their filth. It was not only a thought but a wish. Demona sighed and clung to his body.” Blane I will have to leave soon. I cannot stay her much longer. Someone is following me. Someone bad.” She began to cry and hugged him close.

Blane kissed her forehead and sighed,” You could turn me and I could help protect you. I could be with you the rest of my life. All the years that we can live.” He kissed her cheek and made her look up at him.” I want to be with you the rest of my life. You are unlike any woman I have ever met. No one compares in passion or personality.”

Demona’s tears were washed away with the rain but she still cried,” Blane I want to drink you dry and that scares me. I told you this all before. Your blood is like a piece of chocolate to a staring woman.” She took in his scent and let it roll around in her mouth. Her lips peeled back and she smiled,” I can not change you. I want to watch you grow old and die.”

Blane kissed her lips and smiled,” But I do not want to leave you ever.” They made love that day in the rain and mud. Between the wheat and earth.

Demona looked over at him and sighed,” I love you so much. I am so glad to have such a wondrous person to share my time with .” She brushed her hair behind her ear and kissed him. The rain had stopped and now the sun came out. Her skin glittered over its kiss.

Blane rolled his fingers along her shoulder and smiled,” I love the way you glitter. You are my diamond in the rough. I could always find you even if I were blind.” He stood up and brushed off his cloths.” Well at least we are clean.” He smiled and held out his hand to her. She grabbed hold of it and pulled herself into his chest. “ You better get back to the real world I have to prepare to leave.” She began to cry and pull away .

Blane shook his head and sighed as Demona vanished into the woods.

Demona picked up the scent that made her eyes go wide. HE was here. Had he seen her with him? She panicked and ran for the town. Rais had been there she could smell it. She could feel her heart break into pieces.

Rais was in the village and so was her love. Demona began to run through the village. She opened her mind and found Blane. She ran for him with all of her might.

Blane was tending to his field when Demona found him. “ Blane,” She said as she grabbed his arm.” You need to come with me now. Rais is here.” Fear filled her eyes but anger filled Blane’s.

“ I will not run I will fight him.” Blane said with a look to kill. Poor human.

Demona touched the side of his face and sighed,” I do so love you but you are human and that’s not enough.”Demona began to drag them toward the woods when Rais stepped out into the open.

His red eyes fell to Demona and a smirked filled his lips. Rais waved to them. He looked like the devil I human form. The devil went by many names, the deceiver for one and Rais was just that the Deceiver.

Demona went wide eyed and pulled Blane into her.” Hold on please.” She picked him up off the ground and took off.

Her feet flew under them as Demona made one last effort to save her love. She leapt over a few fallen trees and made their way for the castle in the east. Maybe she could hide Blane and lore Rais away.

As they neared the castle, Demona slowed her pace. It was falling down and cryptic. The castle was very old and long deserted. The only thing that walked its halls was ghost of the past and spiders.

Blane looked at Demona and sighed,” Pout me down I can walk now. You know I do not like it when you do that.”

Demona nodded and set him down. He was so frail compared to her but she loved him. “ Blane we need to hide you. Rais will kill you in a moment. Please.” She pulled him up the stone steps into the damp hall.

Blane shook his head and protested,” I will not hide. Demona I will stay next to you forever, you just have to let me.” He kissed the top of her hand.

Rais followed Demona with a gleeful look on his face. He was faster than her but he liked to play hide and go seek so he let her out run him. He did stay close on her trail.

AS the castle came into view Rais sighed in awe and then laughed,” You bring me to a place I could call home.” He laughed and tore into the building.

Demona heard Rais enter the building and she panic. She pulled Blane faster down the hall and then Up some stairs. She looked back at him while they flew up the steps and fear was full in her red eyes. Blane was in trouble and all Demona could do was run.

Demona’s heart pounded as they hit the top of the steps and opened the door. It was a dead end, the floor was gone in the next room and no way around. Demona turned to look at Blane and whimpered as Rais’s shadow followed them.

Blane saw the shadow and Demona’s fear.” I love you. Please remember that.You need to live so that one day you can kill Rais.” Blane kissed her lips and as her feet began to slip from the last step, he pushed her.

Demona began to fall into what felt like an abyss as she watched Rais ram his hand into Blane’s chest and pull out his heart. Blane looked over his shoulder for a second and the light in his eyes vanished. His death saved her.

Demona screamed as Rais feed off the heart and tossed the corpse down the steps. She hit the ground and began to run. She moved from the place of her loves death and vanished into the woods never to return to that place.
- FIN -
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A dream that could never be
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