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 Character Skills

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The light and the darkness all in one baby
The light and the darkness all in one baby

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PostSubject: Character Skills   Tue Mar 11, 2008 11:01 am


* Gun handling (Can use guns)

* Blade master (Is a master at swordplay)

* Mechanics(Can make and fix mechanical items)

* Spell caster( must have to use magi)

* Fire magi

* Water/ice magi

* Earth magi

* Air magi

* Light magi

* Dark magi

* Weather magi

* Telekinesis( can move small objects nothing over 200 pounds)

* Interrupter( Understands any language)

* Animal handler

* Mind walker (can read someone's mind and also speak to the mind)

* True sight ( Can see ones real form if in a disguise)

* Precognition

* Healing 1( small to medium wounds)

* Healing 2 (must have healing 1 first. medium to large wounds. Must have healing 1 to use)

* Sweet talker (gets their way almost 90% of the time)

* Stealth

* Lock pick

* Pick pocket

*Mind control( You can only make the person you are controlling do small things like talk or walk. Nothing over board. You only have control for a very short time)

*Soul Drain(This is were the user saps energy from people. He/she has to be close and he can't drain them all at once it takes a little time. He/she can't use it and any other magi or skill at the same time)


* Animal lullaby ( You can sooth any were animal or shifter into a calm state of mind. Has to be sung.Open to all but weres,shifters and pets)


* Sweet Skin( an almost enchanting beauty. Can be spelled on the weak of mind.)

* Day walker.( Your vampire has to be over 300 years old)


* Earth speaker (can talk to the trees and the earth)

* Swift shift( instead of shifting taking two to five minutes it only takes a few seconds)

* Hidden scent (conceals their scent and they smell closer to a human)

* mid shift ( this is only for shifters. If they has this skill the can shifter sort of have way. No its not like a were in anyway. Say is you are wolf shifter and do a mid shift. You would like almost human but a few of your animal traits would come to your aid. So if was did mid shift you would maybe have ears a tail fangs and claws thats about it.)


* Gifted (You most talk to the council and the lovely leader to okay your gift)


* Poof be gone (can disappear for a brief period of time.)

* flight( if they have wings)

* Defy gravity (can walk up walls and so forth)


* Wing concealment (Hides wings)

* Harmonic song (The singer can stop a crowd with one versus)

* Regeneration(which is basically a healing that allows growth of limbs.)
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Character Skills
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