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 [ makes me]Toture and hate[ go round]

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The light and the darkness all in one baby
The light and the darkness all in one baby

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PostSubject: [ makes me]Toture and hate[ go round]   Tue Mar 11, 2008 11:42 am

Title. Torture and Hate
Your Name Aisha, firesflame
Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R) and it's reasons. R. There will be alot of blood and guts torture and violence.

A cool breeze whipped across the water. Ripples glided along the surface and a body floated to the river bank. Dogs barked as the neared it and a police officer bowed his head,” We found the girl. She is dead.” He held to his colleges. He bent over and fished her out of the water.

Her body was pale and water logged. It had been there for a few days. Her eyes were gone along with her tongue. Her brown hair curled around her shoulders showing just how young she had been.

“ I found the teenager that went missing and it’s not good.” He called to a few men that began to make their way down the riverbank. He shuddered and he saw the marks on her neck. Superstitious old fool but more of these types of victims should up around here for some reason. “ look she has bit marks on her just like the other ones.” He sighed as the other officers began to laugh.

Rais watched the police pick the girl out of the water with a smiled on his face. She had tasted so good. Like a fine wine with a bitter but sweet hint to like. He licked his lips and looked down into his hand. Her blue eyes stared back at him,” I do so love the eyes. It’s a window to the human soul.” He chuckled and placed them in his pocket.

The rain began to come down lightly over them and rais fixed his bowler and pulled his duster around his body to hide all of the blood. Then he was off back in to the little town in England. A nice little place it was filled with people rip for the picking. Stupid men and lustful women was like a needle in the hay stack these days but Rais had fell right on it.

He walked through the now muddy streets as he watched for his next toy to play with. His eyes fell upon so of the local prostitutes and he sneered. They never tasted that great, most of them had diseases that made the blood run sour. One of them although made a pass at him. Her lusty eyes flew upon him as she made her way over to him, “ You want so of this gent?” She placed her hand on his chest and lend in. Her breasts were only covered from the nipples up but when she lend forward you could see everything.

Rais sneered and pushed her into the mud,” I do not like dirty things like you.” He walked past her as she screamed. “ You are the dirty one.” A few of the girls ran over and helped her out of the mud puddle.

Satisfied and relaxed he walked to his home; it was two stories and brick like the rest of the houses on the street. He opened the large oak door and walked in. His house was decorated with the finest of things. Bear skins here and gold and silver everywhere. He was well liked in the community now only did a few ever bother with him.

He walked into a his study and touched one of his many books. The shelf moved away from the wall and a long hall appeared. Cold and damp stone craved its way into the house. The tunnel sloped downwards as it went under the town.

He walked into a room filled with glass jars and smiled,” All of my prizes.” He walked over and grabbed a new jar. It was full of a liquid and as he dropped the blue eyes into the jaw is made a splash. “ I do so love the eyes.”

Demona rounded the corner on a black steed. He hooves dug into the ground as she made the horse come to a complete stop in a moment’s notice. The horse reared up and Demona laughed,” East boy. We have had a long ride.” Her red eyes scanned the area. An inn was close by which was perfect. You need to have a inn near you escape route.

Demona smiled and slid down off the horse. Her long black hair flowed behind her and her tight pants made all the people look. For a woman to wear such a thing was unheard off; but Demona was not human and way would she care about such things.

The prostitutes laughed and pointed at her,” Look girls it’s a he/she.” They all giggled and cooed at her. Demona turned her eyes on them and wink. Her blood red eyes showed just how hungry she was and they were just her type of people. The nasty bad kind. The woman sneered and flicked her off.” GO away. Your scaring off are men,” said the one that had tried to play with Rais.

Demona nodded to them and walked on. Her lips peeled back into a smiled,” Well now I guess I have found some food for later. Right widow maker.” She patted the horse’s neck and walked to the inn.

Once she got to the inn, a stable boy ran out and took her horse inside the stables. Now she was free to get a room and a bath she hoped. Demona walked in with a smile on her face and tapped on the desk,” I need a room.” She called to a older man sitting in a corner reading.

“Yes very good.” He stood up and limped over to her. His eye were wise and held a fear in them of her.” I will give you a room for a night but you have to leave after that most don’t take to well to strangers.” He handed her the key and she gave him his gold.

Demona walked into the shack of a room and looked around. It had wood floors and thin pieces of cloth over the dirty little window. A small bed that looked like it had seen way to many people die in it, laid in a corner near that filthy window. The only light was the candle on a stand next to her bed. Not like she needed it but it was nice to have a light. “ Light always keeps the monsters at bay. Is that not what you told me father.” Demona walked over to the bed and fell on it.

She began to cry as she thought of her father. Their death was only a few years back not very many. Yet it still burned in her mind. Her father’s screams and those eyes, his eyes. Demona let out a inhuman yawl and feel to the floor. Her blood red eyes crossed the room to the door. The smell of one of the females rolled from under the door.

Demona opened her mind to listen and a thud was heard on the other side of her door. “ O yes let’s just do it here forget the room,” A muffled voice moaned but it was male not her woman. A few second later the woman replied,” No I want a bed to lay my head on. “ and then she giggled. She sounds like a dog baying at the moon.

Demona wrinkled her nose. It was the mud covered wench. How perfect and the man was a murder even better. Demona stood up and took off her duster. Why get something dirty if there was no need.

The couple smashed into Demona’s door and a loud moan rolled over the room. They were right there and ready to be taken. Demona opened the door and they fell in on their back.

His pants were around his ankles and his long under wear was covered in blood of his victims. The woman was still a mud caked mess and it made Demona want to punk at first ,” Well its nice of you to drop in makes my life so much more easier.” Demona said in a low tone. The woman stood up and her beast were not covered now and she sauntered over to Demona. The woman’s lips peeled back to show blackened and missing teeth as she spoke,” O right o he/ she I don’t play with your kind. Why did you parents not drowned you when you were born. Most would throw a child like you over a bridge and let you die.” The woman stopped inches from Demona and never fixed herself.

Demona took a deep breath in and licked her lips. A bitter sour woman like her would fill her gut and make her full. Demona almost hoped she would scream.” I am no he/she I just work in a proper way. Not that my body would not satisfy any man, I just think your kind are not worth a life. So I believe I will be taking yours.” Demona moved to block them from the door and smirked. Her fangs dripped which made her want them more. To sink her fang into their flesh and suck every last drop of blood out of the tiny wounds she would make.

“ I will take care of her love then I will play with you,” The ruff man said as he fixed his pants. He was a big man well over six foot and large. He had fat and muscle all over his body. He looked like a moose from head to toe. Well not the most attractive man in the world, not by a long shot. Most likely the reason he needed the prostitutes.

The man rushed Demona with his large arms ready to break her neck but Demona had him in her arm before he could blink,” Lover, I do think all the woman you ever said that to died yes.” Demona licked his neck and smiled as she tightened her hold. The man screamed in pain for his ribs broke under her touch.” I think its your turn to die.” Demona lowered her lips to his neck and bit into his flesh. As her fangs pierced the skin It made a light popping sound, skin is tough to get through and with her fangs it was like pushing a very large needle into the skin it makes a popping noise.

The man screamed kicked at her but his screams were drowned out by the womans. The whore was trying to crawl between Demona’s legs to get to the door but Demona punted her into the wall. The woman curled into the fetal position and wept.

The man’s fight slowed till he was no more. Demona dropped him to the floor and licked her lips.” Your next, Maeve.” The last thing that woman saw was the red of Demona’s eyes.

The bodies were never found.

Rais sat back in his room and looked around at all of the trinkets he had collect with in the last few months. Eyes stared back at him from every direction. “ I do so love to look you in the eyes.” He chuckled and stood up. A whimper was heard in the corner. “ Girl are you not scared are you,” He asked as he moved a candle so he could view her.

The young blonde looked up at him with such lovely blue eyes it was almost intoxicating. Rais lower himself to his knees and crawled to her. She screamed and dug her finger nails into the brick trying to get away from him. She was not even twenty maybe very much younger but it made the fear even better.

Rais touched her leg and the girl dug harder at the wall. Her fingers bled as she turned around to push at him. He smirked and bit into her leg.

His lips almost kissed the sweet skin of her calf as she kicked at him and he wanted her to see his fangs pierce her. He lifted his face from the first wound and pulled her into his arms. “ I do love to hear you scream but this is bothering me.” He jammed his fingers into her mouth and took out her tongue. “ Better.” He bit into her arm and then right above her collar bone. Over and over again until he drain her dry from every area he wished.

Rais stood up and smiled. The girl lay dead and it was so beautiful. He stood over he and went to work he took her eyes just like the rest and it was perfect another water dump was up.

That’s was when his eyes first lingered onto his favorite victim. Demona.

She had been in the river swimming. Her pure white skin glittered in the water almost making her look like a nymph. Her long black hair flowed behind her in a pool that looked like ink. The water was to cold for humans and her blood well was not hers.

Rais stripped off his things and went in the water after her. He was like a snake when he moved. His body was very nice for these times. Muscles rippled all over his body. He smiled and came up from behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She stiffened under his touch and let a small growl rumble free. “ Get off me,” She hissed.

“ But you have to be mine.” He licked her neck and began to drag her back to shore.

Demona kicked and screamed. Her eyes red and full of blood lust and anger.” Get off me you creep.”

Rais laughed and kissed her neck.” I think you are what I needed a vampire. I need a vampire to play with no more humans.” He grabbed her by the hair and been gain to drag her for his house.

Rais laughed as he tossed Demona into a corner of his little room. He took off his shirt and rang it out. It was a nice piece of materal. Rais watched Demona’s expression as she looked around the room with a smiled on his face.

Demona looked at the jars full of eyes and she went into shook. Even after being a vampire and killing every few days a room full of eyes would scare anyone. She panicked and began to scream anger words,” Let me go you sick fuck. I am not yours. I will not be part of this sick twisted lust ou have.” She stood up and ran for the door.

Rais smiled at her attempt. He was going to have fun breaking her. As she made her way from the door Rais laughed and grabbed hold of her hair.

Demona lost footing and went to her back. She looked up at him and clawed at his hands.” Get off me.”

Rais drug her back to the corner and pulled out a few chains just for her.” I am not sure if they will hold you for very long but it will give me time to find a way to hold you.” Rais clamped about seven different chains to her and walked out of the room.

Demona looked at the chains and tried to break free. She ripped forward with all her might and since there was so many of them, nothing happened. She snarled and ripped at them until her skin was ripped apart around her wrist and legs.

Demona screamed in defeat and feel into a ball of flesh. A whimper and then a snarl rose from her chest,” I swear I will kill you. I swear I will rip out that withered heart of your out of your chest.” Demona beat her fist into the wall and screamed louder.

Rais sat in a high back chair with his eyes in a book. He read as she screamed, no one out of that room could hear her unless they were vampire. He smiled and closed the book. It had been four days since he had bothered to play with her and he itched to touch her.

Rais stood up and placed the book back into its place. He unbuttoned his white shirt and took it off. He hated to get his thing messed up. He walked into a side room and brought out a young man. The boy was maybe eighteen. His dark hair fell into his eyes as Rais drug him into the secret room.

The boy was out cold or in a coma. Whichever it was Demona could not tell. She whimpered as her eyes went black with need. She was so hungry and the creature in her did not care about Demona’s morals.

She stood up and snarled at Rais but at the same time she reached out to touch the boy.

Demona could feel the blood that rushed in his veins. Her eyes rolled over in need. Her fangs dripped with venom ready for the kill.

Rais smirked and tossed Dmeona the boy. She bit into him and drank him dry in moments.

AS her mind righted itself, she gasped and looked at the corpse. What had she done? She began to whimper. She killed a helpless boy. Demona rolled her hand over the boys face and sighed. Anger and rage filled her face and she rushed towards Rais full force.

Rais laughed as Demona was stopped but a few inches from him. She bit at him she kicked and screamed. She did everything she could but it was no good. All her efforts were in vain.

Rais reached out and backhanded Demona in the face. Demona landed in the floor out cold.

As Demona’s eyes fluttered open she realized she was in a different room. Her face ached and the rest of her body was ripped with pain. She looked down at herself and realized she lacked overthing but her under garments. Her body was also cover in burn marks.

Rais sat in a chair a few feet away with a knife in his hand. Rais smiled and looked at her as he spoke,” You whimper when your burned but now that your awake lets she how well you scream.” He walked over to her and drew back with the knife.

Demona went wide-eyed and yet she would not scream. He was not going to get that from her.

The knife bit into her the skin of her belly. It ripped her open. Not enough to let her insides fall to the floor but enough to see the muscle.

Rais took so much so much pride in how well he could keep someone alive during his play. Demona was even more fun. It was harder to hurt her and Rais loved to use force.
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[ makes me]Toture and hate[ go round]
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