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 Tips from Aisha

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The light and the darkness all in one baby
The light and the darkness all in one baby

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PostSubject: Tips from Aisha   Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:52 am

OKay just a few things I do that help me write like I do.

  • I use word. It helps me not only find my mistakes but counts the words for me.

  • I reread before I post and make sure I am happy with it. If you post and then edit you could not only mess the other person up but upset them.

  • Also if you see that you are writing short post slow down. Make sure you are describing how your charrie feels and their surroundings. Also make sure how to your charrie see everything around them. Are the lights dim in the basement or fluorescent? Does the water ripple from a fish the leapt out or does it lie still creating a mirror like refection?

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Tips from Aisha
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